Tips for maintaining your headlights

You rely on your headlights to assist you with seeing the road at night or during a storm. After years of use, the headlights can become dulled, scratched, and yellowed but here are some tips for maintaining your headlights.

Toothpaste works best on plastic headlights. You can simply grab some warm water, a rag, and some toothpaste. With the toothpaste and wet rag, you can scrub the headlights until they clear up and clean off any excess toothpaste.

If that DIY method doesn’t work, there are several headlight cleaning kits available as well. These kits will usually contain the chemicals, abrasives, and other tools needed to clean your headlights properly.

These are just a couple of DIY tips for restoring your headlights. We encourage you to visit our team here at Volvo Cars of State College to have your vehicle serviced with us to get you ready for the road again.



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