Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

When you purchase a vehicle, you might not be aware of all the different parts of the vehicle that will require maintenance or repairs. Over the lifetime of owning a vehicle, regular wear and tear can cause a lot of damage. Some of these issues are simple to repair, and sometimes parts will need to be replaced. When it comes to your exhaust system, it is important to have your vehicle looked at if you suspect that a problem is occurring. A problem with your exhaust can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, which only leads to an expensive concern.

A leaking exhaust may have a really foul odor to it. Not to mention, moisture might also be coming from the rear pipe. Inside of your vehicle's cabin you may notice that the gas pedal is vibrating when you press it down. The noise of your trip might be overwhelming as well. Stop by Volvo of State College to find out more.



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