Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout on the Highway

The last thing you'll ever want to experience is the loss of control of your vehicle when a tire blows out. Your friends at Volvo of State College offer these tips for helping you avoid this dangerous scenario.

When the tire pressure indicators go off, pay close attention to whether one tire or all tires are affected. If all four tires are low, it could be a combination of natural air release of a pound a month and loss of pressure due to a temperature drop of ten degrees or more.

On a more serious side, looking at the tires more closely each week will reveal things like cracks in the treads or bulges along the sides. Either of these conditions could, in fact, cause a tire failure if the condition is not investigated further.

Call our service center and we can help extend the life of the tires by scheduling tire rotation appointments for your vehicle today.



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