Motor Oil "W": Is it for Weight or What?

If you think the W on the motor oil bottle stands for weight, you're not alone in believing a myth. The truth is that the W stands for winter.

W, for Winter, written on a motor oil bottle explains the viscosity of the surrounding numbers. Basically, the viscosity is the speed of oil flow at certain temperatures. Thicker oil, which has higher viscosity, flows slower, and thinner oil flows faster. When temperatures change, so does the oil viscosity. Numbers in front of the W show how oil flows in cold weather, and the numbers behind the W indicate its warm weather flow. This is good to know because you may want a faster or slower flow when seasons change.

Motor oil seems so simple, but it can be extremely confusing. Our staff at Volvo Cars of State College is ready to help you understand it all. Just stop by our dealership location at 3220 W. College Avenue today!



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