Test the Car Battery Correctly with a Voltmeter

If you want to safely test the car battery and stay safe while you are doing so, you'll need gloves and eye-wear in addition to the voltmeter.

Make certain the car lights and engine are no longer on before opening the hood to begin.

The voltmeter has a black and red cable, each goes to one terminal on the battery.

The red cable goes first, goes to the positive battery terminal. The black cable, to the negative battery terminal.

Once the cables are secure, turn on the voltmeter.

The reading will show 12.4 or better if the car battery still has power. The battery will be failing if the voltmeter shows a reading of 12.2 or less. This is an indication it can't hold a charge and lacks the power to crank over the car engine.

Bring your car to Volvo Cars of State College when you see the battery cannot hold a charge anymore. Our service team will help you out!

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