The Smell of Smoke Can Mean a Bad Starter

Smelling or seeing smoke in or outside of your vehicle is always alarming, and it can often be dangerous as well. Engine parts generally will start smoking when they are starved of fluids and rubbing against each other or for electrical components it can mean that the part is getting too much power, overloading the wires and circuitry. This type of electrically caused smoke is a common symptom of a bad starter.

Over time a cars electrical system can become worn down, and combined with a failing starter, this can quickly overload that part and the wires running to it with electric current. At the very first sign of smoke, it is advisable to bring your car in for service immediately, even towing it is recommended if feasible.

Our service team can diagnose the source of the smoke and make sure it is just the starter that needs to be replaced. Schedule an appointment right away here at Volvo Cars of State College in State College, PA.

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