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Fresh Air in the 2018 Volvo XC90 Momentum

In the 2018 Volvo XC90 Momentum, you can enjoy fresh air wherever you go. This popular luxury SUV is equipped with features that can keep you cool, healthy, and comfortable.

You can get a panoramic moonroof. It's laminated for safety. While many moonroofs only cover the front seats, the unit on the XC90 extends to rear passengers as well so that everyone can enjoy the natural sunlight and ventilation. If you don't want to let the outside air in, you can take advantage of the CleanZone system. This system filters the outside air coming in. Impurities are removed…

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Tips for maintaining your headlights

You rely on your headlights to assist you with seeing the road at night or during a storm. After years of use, the headlights can become dulled, scratched, and yellowed but here are some tips for maintaining your headlights.

Toothpaste works best on plastic headlights. You can simply grab some warm water, a rag, and some toothpaste. With the toothpaste and wet rag, you can scrub the headlights until they clear up and clean off any excess toothpaste.

If that DIY method doesn’t work, there are several headlight cleaning kits available as well. 

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Learning the Right Way How to Jump Start Another Car

To jump start a car with another, be sure you have a good quality pair of jumper cables, safety glasses and gloves, and a wire brush.

Once the two cars are nose-to-nose, open the hoods, turn off the one engine, and use the wire brush to clean the corrosion off any of the battery contact points.

Take the two red ends of the jumper cables and place one on the bad battery followed by the other on the good battery.

Take the two black ends of those jumper cables, place one on the good battery and the last end on…
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Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

When you purchase a vehicle, you might not be aware of all the different parts of the vehicle that will require maintenance or repairs. Over the lifetime of owning a vehicle, regular wear and tear can cause a lot of damage. Some of these issues are simple to repair, and sometimes parts will need to be replaced. When it comes to your exhaust system, it is important to have your vehicle looked at if you suspect that a problem is occurring. A problem with your exhaust can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, which only leads to an expensive concern. 

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How to Change A Flat Tire

You can usually count on a professional to change your tire, but there may be a time when you find yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire and need to change it yourself. Changing a tire has to be done correctly, so here are the steps you should follow.

1. Park in a Good Spot

You shouldn't change your tire on the grass or in the dirt and should avoid parking your car on a hill to change the tire.

2. Turn Off Your Vehicle 

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Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout on the Highway

The last thing you'll ever want to experience is the loss of control of your vehicle when a tire blows out. Your friends at Volvo of State College offer these tips for helping you avoid this dangerous scenario.

When the tire pressure indicators go off, pay close attention to whether one tire or all tires are affected. If all four tires are low, it could be a combination of natural air release of a pound a month and loss of pressure due to a temperature drop of ten degrees or more.

On a more serious side, looking at the…

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Heat vs. Cold: Which is Worse for Automotive Batteries?

Batteries are no different than most other mechanical and electrical devices in that they can be affected by extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum. Below are a few facts about the effects of temperature on battery life that every driver needs to know.

Extreme cold weather reduces the operating capacity of a battery and makes it less capable of providing an adequate charge when needed. On the other hand, the hot weather tends to increase the charge capacity while decreasing the overall usable lifespan of the battery. Keeping a battery fully charged and regularly checking fluid...

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The Smell of Smoke Can Mean a Bad Starter

Smelling or seeing smoke in or outside of your vehicle is always alarming, and it can often be dangerous as well. Engine parts generally will start smoking when they are starved of fluids and rubbing against each other or for electrical components it can mean that the part is getting too much power, overloading the wires and circuitry. This type of electrically caused smoke is a common symptom of a bad starter.

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Signs the Brakes on Your Vehicle Need to Be Serviced

If there is going to be trouble with the brakes in your vehicle, the system will often give warning signs. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for with your vehicle's brakes.

When you hear a grinding or squealing coming from the brakes, it's important to have them inspected, especially if it has been 12,000 or more miles since they were last serviced. If the issue is severe, the brake warning light should illuminate on the dash too.

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